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Chequered Floor Plate

Stair tread chequered (also written as checkered as American English) floor plate can be divided into four major types: checkered diamond plate, aluminum checkered floor plate, embossed floor plate and grating floor panels. Detail introduction of each type is listed as below.

Checkered Diamond Floor Plate for Stair Treads Panels

Diamond checkered plate has a raised texture on the surface to become an ideal stair tread plates. It can be made with a interlocking design to be installed easily to form a solid and anti-slippery decking floor. This metal floor plate is used for stair tread of equipment platform, ships, petroleum platform, automobile flooring, decks and constructional uses.

Checkered floor plate will prevent slippery and increase safety. They are safe for the environment and will reduce the need for salt.

Cleaning of the Stair Tread Floor:
The most effective solution to clean stair treads is to use a steam cleaner or power washer. Debris can be removed with a stiff bristle brush.

Non slippery flooring plate features:

  1. Available in solid or punched
  2. Slip resistant
  3. Lightweight
  4. Easy to install
  5. Corrosion resistant
  6. Attractive
  7. Versatile
  8. Self cleaning
  9. Interlocking

Aluminum Checkered Floor Plate:

The floor plate can be made from various checkered metal sheets. Aluminum with its features of free maintenance and excellent corrosion resistance is the top choice for making of stair tread flooring.

Popular Sizes:

Aluminum Checkered Floor Plate, Diamond Patterns, for Stair Tread Panels

Grating Type Floor Panels:

Floor plate can be made of any type of steel gratings, and its dimensions may be assigned according to customer's requirement.

2) It is suggested that the length, width, front nosing and side plate recommended by us should be adopted as much as you can from the economical angle.
1 .welding fixing, floor plate without front plate nosing.
2. bolt fastening, floor plate without front plate nosing
3 welding fixing, floor plate with front chequered plate nosing
4 bolt fastening, stair tread with front chequered plate nosing

Steel Bar Grating Floor Panels
Steel Grating for Floor Panels with chequered plate nosing

Common Grating Floor Panel Width

T1,T2,T3,T4Beraing bar pitch 30mm 95 125 155 185 215 245 275
T1,T2Beraing bar pitch 40mm   125 165   205 245 285
T3,T4Beraing bar pitch 40mm   115 155   195 235 275
Screw hole pitch(mm)  45 75 100 150

Max. Length for Grating Stair Tread

Steel flat size Steel gratingstandards   25×3 25×5 32×5
Beraing bar pitch 30 mm 550 900 1300
Beraing bar pitch 40 mm 450 750 1200

Embossed Non-slip Stair Tread Flooring

We can offer embossing on a variety of metal materials such as carbon steel and aluminum alloys of various grades. The embossed flooring plates have reduced cost and ease of application.

Slippery-resisting embossed floor plate surface insures your steps superior non-slip safety. This metal flooring is resistant to all weathers, corrosion and remain slip resistant after contacting with chemicals like oil and saline solutions.

Embossed flooring panels specification examples: Embossed Plate thickness 2.5mm, rhomb spacing 21.6, round spacing 21.1mm, width 1200 mm and plate length 2400m.

Metal Embossing Finish of Flooring Panels
Embossed Aluminum Slip-Resisting Floor Plate Surface

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