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Anti Skid Chequered Plates

Chequered Plates make ideal anti-skid flooring sheet. 

Anti-skidding patterns including: Diamond, dimple, teardrop, crocodile mouth, octagonal hole, raised fisheye shape, drum type, or custom design.

Anti-skidding plate material: mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, etc. 

Chequered plates are mainly used in construction of floor plate for waste water plant, water treatment, power plant, chemical plant platform, public passages, auto parts, offshore and ship buildings.

Processing types: 
1. Hot pressing pattern; 
2, CNC punching; 
3. Welding and plugging. 

Our anti-slippery chequered plates offer non-slip, anti-rust, anti-corrosion features. With advanced CNC operation, our factory can process all kinds of special specifications according to the specific requirements of customers. We also welcome orders of processing with incoming materials or according to incoming samples.

We are proud of being one of the biggest professional Chequered Plate manufacturers in China. We focus on chequered plates, tread plates, slotted sheet, perforated sheets, also we supply grating and other structural steel products.

Our business scope:
Diamond pattern galvanized checkered plate for offshore platform construction 
Carbon steel hot rolled and 304 stainless aluminum checkered plate
Aluminum checkered plate and sheet
Mild steel checkered plate color coated coil a36 z80-z275 steel coils
Stucco aluminum embossed sheet
Anti-slip 5 small bar aluminium checker plate 1050 1060 1100 for bus floor
Mangenese steel structural flooring project
Chequered plates in plate form of material A36
SUS Checker plate 10 mm - 20 mm


Mild Steel Chequered Plates

Hot rolled mild steel plate chequered
MS Tread Plates
Size: 2mm thick 1220 x 2440mm

Skid-resisting Mild Steel Plate Chequered

5 bar design Anti Skid Chequered Sheet
Galvanised Chequered Plate, in 5 bar plate, plate thickness: 9.5mm, Specification: BV-AH36 (Chequered)

M.S. Chequered Plate- ASTM A36 – 4'x8'x 6 mm
Grade:-astm a786/astm a786m pattern 4 or 5
Chequered plate 2 x 6 x 8mm

Metal Carbon Steel Chequered Plate
Tear Drop Pattern, 12mm thick, Grade EN 10025-2 Gr.S355 J2 60 sq meter (1.5Mtr X 6 Mtr.)
Plate Chequered-M.S. thickness : 06 mm-Size : 2500 x 1250 , IS 2062 

MS Cheq. Plate ASTM A 786 / ASTM A 36
MS Chequered Plate 6 mm thick 

Conforming to ASTM A 786 / ASTM A 36, pattern 4 or 5

Aluminum Alloy Chequered Plate for Fabricated Parts

Anti-skid flooring sheet in one bar pattern, Alum plate Chequered with diamond design,
Length: 5000mm, width :1250mm, Thickness: 1.6 mm or 1.8mm

1.2mm Thickness 2024 T4 GR Aluminium Chequered Sheet - embossed diamond pattern

Aluminium Chequered Plate for Auto Parts
- 5mm thickness
Material grade  :  6061 T6
Size :  1500mm x 3000 mm, 1000mm x 2000mm, custom size

Alumium Floor Plate as Auto Parts

Marine quality aluminium chequered plates
Size: 4x1250x2500 mm

Checkered aluminum plates

Thickness of the plate (over plain) 5mm x 1000 x 2500mm
Pattern as below:

Aluminium Chequered Plates (3mm thick)

Size: 1.2m×2.4m or 145m2
Finish: mill finish.
Thickness: 3mm ( 2mm or 4mm thick if not available 3mm thick)

Aluminium Chequered Plates
Size: 3Mx1.2Mx3MM AB5083-H112

Alu Plate
Size : Length 1260 mm x width 525 mm
Thickness : 10 mm

Stainless Steel Chequered Plate

Anti Skidding Platform Walkway Floor Sheet
Anti slippery stainless steel 304 grade tread floor for offshore platform main deck building

Chequered Plate confirming to grade SS 304.
Size of the Plate: 6000mm x 1500mm x 5mm.
Prime quality, AISI304, Stainless Steel Chequered Plates ( Diamond / Tara Shaped)
1250 X 2500 X 5.0 MM
1250 X 2500 X 6.0 MM
1500 X 3000 X 4.0 MM
1500 X 3000 X 5.0 MM
1500 X 3000 X 6.0 MM

Rolled Carbon Manganese Steel Chequered Plates - Floor Plating of Offshore Platform Decks

Chequered plates for floor plating of Cellar Deck, Main deck

Carbon Manganese Steel Plate with improved toughness for Offshore Platform structure.
Anti-slip Checkered Carbon Steel Plates in Sheets

Chequered Plates for structural steel: in Sheets: Size: 1mx2m and 4'x8', in thickness of 1.50 mm, 1.60 mm and 1.80 mm.

Packing: Sheets packed in bundles, each weighing between 3 to 5 M/Tons.

In Coils: Size: 1000mm and 1219mm, in thickness of 1.50mm and 1.60mm. Weight of each coils to be between 6 to 8 M/Tons.

lamiera striata

Plate size 1m*2m, Material: black Galvanize plate in thickness  3+2 mm

The plate materials shall meet Standards: American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), details:

ASTM A131 Standard Specification for Structural Steel for Ships
ASTM A153 Zinc-Coating (Hot-Dip) on Iron and Steel Hardware
ASTM A 370 Mechanical Testing of Steel Products
ASTM A 578 Specification for Straight Beam Ultrasonic Examination of
plain and Clad Steel Plates for Special Applications
ASTM A 633 Specification for Normalized High Strength Low Alloy Structural
Steel Plate.
ASTM A 653 Specification for Galvanized steel sheet
ASTM B 695 Coatings of Zinc Mechanically Deposited on Iron and Steel.
ASTM A 786 Standard Specification for Hot-Rolled Carbon, Low-Alloy, High-
Strength Low-Alloy, and Alloy Steel Floor Plates

Table: Steel Type, Shape, Application, Grade, Specification & Class

1 - A Plate Plates for minor secondary steel in top side, deck plating,toe plates, coaming angles, etc. Building Wall, Building Floor and Roofing. Plates *grating (from cellar Deck & upwards) 250 ASTM - A 36 /
IS 2062:E250
Quality - B/C
1 - B Plate Plates for rolling tubular for secondary steelwork,Stiffeners. Plates for profiling for building module 250 ASTM - A - 36 /
IS 2062 E250
Quality - C
1 - C Rolled section Steel sections with a depth up to 300 mm and used as secondary members. (Including angles, channels, etc.). 250 ASTM - A - 36 /
IS 2062 E250
Quality - C
1 - D Tubular Seamless tubulars up to 406 mm (16") diameter for substructure braces, truss braces and chords for substructure and topside deck, bridge braces.
*handrail & ladders (from cellar deck & upwards)
250 API-5L-Grade-B/
Grade B
2 - B Plates Non-through thickness applications less than 75 mm thick involving tubular above 406 mm diameter for primary steel throughout the structure, like Jacket legs/skirt sleeves, Deck truss, Deck legs other than joint cans, barge bumpers and helideck plating, plate girder, shim plates, bridge braces, Stiffeners, etc. 350 ASTM-A-131-DH36 /
EN 10025-
2 - C Rolled Section For applications of Primary and major secondary steelwork where rolled sections are to be used with a depth above 300 mm 350 ASTM-131-AH36
EN 10025-

Get to Know Our Product Line in One View: 

Durbar Plate
Why and Where a durbar plate is used? 
The durbar patterns give a slightly raised surface allowing walking through yet not causing slippery, making the plate an ideal tread plate shanks.

Diamond Tread Plate
Diamond (checkered) plate is one kind of anti-slippery tread plates characterized by beautiful appearance, good strength, light weight, metal material saving and many other advantages.

Aluminum Checker Plate
Excellent rust resistance and fire resistance make the aluminum chequered panels high grade building materials in modern architectures.

Aluminum Perforated Panel
Deerway supplies aluminum metals processed in three major forms: embossed, chequered, punched (perforated) . In this page, we mainly introduce perforated aluminum panels.

Checkered Steel Plate
Checkered steel plate can be divided into three types: checkered carbon steel, checkered galvanized steel and checkered stainless steel plates. Can be supplied in coils or sheets.

Embossed Plate
Embossed Plate and Aluminum Embossed Tread Plate: Patterns, Defination and Types. On Embossing Metal Panels: Metal Materials to be Embossed: Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Mild Steel and Brass

Slotted Metal Plate
Slotted Metal Plate, Straight Line or Staggered Patterns, for Guarding, Decoration and Building Uses. Popular Material is Galvanized Carbon Steel Sheet.

Chequered Floor Plate
Stair tread chequered (also written as checkered as American English) floor plate can be divided into four major types: checkered diamond plate...

Expanded Metal Grating
Expanded Metal Grating (Made of Carbon Steel Mostly) is made of metal sheet expanded in the regular form and then going through a cold rolled reducing mill.

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