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Welcome to Deerway Metals, a leading Chinese chequered metal plate manufacturer and supplier. We provide checkered plates in all metals (stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum and etc.) for tread plates, flooring decks and architectural decorative panels. While focusing on chequer plates, Deerway deals with various processed metal sheets chequered, embossing, punched or perforated and expanded. The metal panels are mostly used as various industrial flooring and building materials.

We export in big quantity. Simply send us your application and requirements, we will help determine the most proper checkered plates, taking into account price and quality. Contact us now to get a free quotation and learn more about sample availability.

Durbar Plate
Durbar Plate

Durbar plate is also known as Chequer plate or chequered plate. It is a metal plate with a regular pattern of two bars or multi-bar projections on...

Diamond Tread Plate
Diamond Tread Plate

Checkered diamond pattern metal sheet is the most widely used and most common anti-slippery tread plate and stair covering material.

Aluminum Checker Plate
Aluminum Checker Plate

Aluminium Checkered Plate can be supplied with diamond pattern checkered in one bar, three bar and five bar styles. Welcome to contact us!

Chequered Plate Patterns

The chequered plate (aluminum or steel) can be raised in different shapes: bean, round, one bar, three bar, five bar, etc. Hence from the raised part shapes, it can be divided into above styles.

Difference between checkering and embossing and perforating?

Checkering or chequer refers to the processing of metal raisings textures with designed models to one surface of the metal plate or sheet...

Checkered Plate Materials

Checkered plates can be made from a wide range of metals and alloys while aluminum and steel (carbon steel and ss) are mostly used. Each has different features and uses, comparing as follows.

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