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Checkered Steel Plate

Checkered steel plate can be divided into three types: checkered carbon steel, checkered galvanized steel and checkered stainless steel plates. Can be supplied in coils or sheets.

Galvanized Steel Checker Plate:
Galvanized checker plate refers normally to hot dipped galvanized steel plate with zinc coating layer. The galvanizing on the steel sheet surface will help avoid rusting when the checkered steel plate is exposed to moisture environment. The zinc coating amount will meet Chinese or international standard requirements. With a certain degree of slip resistance, good corrosion resistance, beautiful appearance and economic cost, galvanized steel checker plate is widely used in elevator decorative plate, shops decoration, engineering, exterior design of the building, etc

Checkered Carbon Steel Plate:
This is the base metals for galvanized checker plate, seldom supplied without further coating. It costs less compared with other checkered steel, yet easily get rusty.

Stainless Steel Checkered Plate Coils or Cut to Size: 300 Series as most popular materials.
General Technical Introduction:
Major stainless steel sheet material: SS 300 series, 200 series and 400 series. 200 series: 201,202.
300 series: 301,304,304H,304N,304L,304LN,309S, 310S,316,316Ti,316L,316N,316LN,317,
400 series: 405,409,403, 430,410,420, 440c.

Thin gauge 2mm to 6mm; thick gauge 6.00mm to 12.70mm.
Stainless steel has good mechanical properties with including excellent corrosion resistance, heat resistance.
Standard followed: ASTM,AISI,GB,JIS,SUS,EN,DIN and etc.
Hot rolled or cold rolled steel.
Application: Stainless steel Checkered plate is widely used in high corrosion resistance conditions such as chemical, hospital and food related conditions, details as below:
1: As stepping or decking parts for large chemical industry equipment or  industrial tanks;
2: Components or fittings of medical instruments, tableware, kitchen utensil, kitchen ware;
3: For making of milk or food processing facilities;
4: Hospital equipment;
5:Architectural purposes, interior and exterior decoration for building, escalators.

Stainless steel metal raw materials have a stable chemical composition (details see table below) and mechanical properties. It will not react with other elements easily. Hence, the finished ss checkered plate is suitable to be used in a tough environment, like chemical plant.

The features of corrosion resistance and weather resistance and beautiful surface treatment make it also suitable for architectural outdoor uses like façade and wall panels, ceiling panels, etc.

SS checkered metal panels have excellent abrasion resistance, less wear at the sharp, non-slip effect is large and rich in durability addition. Weight can be reduced compared to ordinary steel checkered plate because of the high intensity of use per unit area. By using stainless steel material, the customers need not worry about getting rust – a problem mostly occurred with common steel checkered sheets.

Stainless Steel Checkered Floor Plate:
Checkered stainless steel sheet for the floor decking is a steel plate specially meeting flooring experience. It is developed to meet requests of safety walking steps.

Chemical Composition of SS:

Chemical composition

Chequered Metal Sheets with Zinc Coating Steel Checker Plate in Sheet
Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Checker Plate, 2 mm Carbon Steel Plate Perforated with One Bar Chequer, then Galvanized for Rust Resistance

304 Checkered Plate for Kitchen Utilities
Sus 304 SS Checkered Plate for Kitchen Ware

Maybe you are interested in Another popular material used for checkered plate: Aluminum Alloy Series.

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